Twin peaks ın a mınute // FOX NETWORK GROUP

Our work got ‘Gold World Medal - Animated Program Promotion’ from ‘New York Festivals TV&Film Awards’ in 2018.

26 years after the last episode of Twin Peaks aired, the 90's cult series has been renewed for a third season in 2017. How's Annie?!


Cartoon Network London commissioned us to produce a worldwide TV promo. We aimed to replicate the smartphone camera aesthetics in order to show the Teen Titans doing their usual wacky hijinks using karaoke apps, which have become wildly popular among teenagers. You may come across our promo on the European and American networks under the title of “Teen Titans Go, Dance Weekend.” Get ready! :) 

What ıs skyatlas? // skyatlas ınc.

SkyAtlas is a hosting company that offers cloud based servers. It provides fast, stabile and economic service, which has unique features. They asked us to make a motion graphic explaining their services and features. This is what we have come up with. Enjoy.