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Josh Paul , This Love - Lyric Video

Josh Paul is stepping into the spotlight with his first solo debut release, "This Love". You may know him as the bassist in the iconic band, Daughtry, but this release is all his own. "This Love" puts his musical versatility on display, showing off a softer side his fans may not have seen before. This track is passionate, inspiring, beautifully written, and full of soul. Sit back, relax, and let yourself be serenaded by the heartfelt lyricism of Josh Paul.

TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-00-17-02).jpg
TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-01-36-19).jpg


Josh Paul left a lot of room for our creativity. Gave us a few keywords to play around; Roses, tattoos and red. ^__^ 

TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-01-43-04).jpg


We had to deliver in a short time relative to the workload of the lyric video. The song mostly sounds like a romantic love between a couple, but Josh Paul wanted to embrace the love concept broader within the visuals. 

TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-00-35-24).jpg
TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-00-39-11).jpg


Retro rose tattoo designs inspired us. Bold contours and hard edges became a visual start for development. We produce custom-designed typography for repeating parts of the song to keep the visuals interesting and entertaining. To emphasize the love concept broader, we designed a variety of couples and added other visual cues such as gathering hands for the second part of the lyric video. 

TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-02-27-07).jpg
TL_MASTER_08_June12 (0-02-08-01).jpg




Client: Josh Paul

Animation Production: Koff Animation

Executive Creative  Director: Gökhan Okur

Storyboard & Animatic: Gökhan Okur

Illustration & Typography: Sezer Çicekdal

Animation & Compositing: Gökhan Okur

Add. Animation & Compositing: Alper Balkış

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