live animation

Live Animation

Live painting and animation using Tagtool for iPad and jamming with great musicians.
We join the musicians and create live visuals on the fly, it is spontaneous Music is a great inspiration for how to set up the scene and pace the animations. Each gig is a different show. 

Live Animation is great for:

  • Vjing

  • Festivals

  • Music Events

  • Audio Visual Gigs

  • Experimental Nights

  • Video Mapping Shows

  • Indoor and Outdoor Events

Emperor Robot Concept

Visual development experiments.

Thousand Fingers - Music Video

Guitars, electronic sounds, futuristic melodies, and all the other entire sonic happenings formed this EP to express the story of Thousand Finger’s musical journey since 2002. Two controversial styles, rock & dance music, been used together in the opening track - Dragon, Robots and Heavy Metal - with respecting their musical territories. Imagine a song that makes you dance and head-bang. In this EP, there are a lot of references from the 90’s, uplifting techy beats, and heavy arpeggios fuelling my new concept.


Visual artist and the director of Dragon, Robots & Heavy Metal music video Gokhan Okur claims that they wanted to explore the same controversial approach with the music video as well. Digital animations filmed upon analogue walls or summer colours danced on de-saturated surfaces on a cold and dark London weather. We performed real-time animation techniques to emphasize the feeling of the guitar solos. Improvising, drawing and animating during the shooting were a part of the creative process.



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