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Koff Animasyon feat. Nilipek.

A Little Moment

Nilipek. is an Istanbul-based singer-songwriter who blends her own stories with common emotions while singing calmly on music that varies from acoustic pop to alternative rock. 

Unofficial Music Video

Nilipek.'s latest single "A Little Moment" perfectly captures the emotional atmosphere of the quarantine days. Trapped between four walls, one is left alone with one's thoughts and memories.

Koff Animation and Nilipek. collaborated for an unusual project. The creative team wanted to experiment with Lo-fi esthetics. Song and the visual atmosphere were fitting nicely to build an animated music video. 

Letters II

A Little Moment

Lyrics - Music : Nilipek.

Arrangement: Can Aydınoğlu, Berkay Küçükbaşlar, Işık Üstündağ, Nilipek., Umut Çetin

Vocal: Nilipek.

Acoustic Guitar: Can Aydınoğlu

Electric Guitar: Can Aydınoğlu

Bass Guitar: Umut Çetin

Keyboard: Alican İpek

Trombon: Işık Üstündağ

Drums: Berkay Küçükbaşlar

Recording: Şen Bakkal Stüdyoları; Umut Çetin

Mix: Baran Göksu

Mastering: Melograf Mastering; Christopher Leary

Unofficial Müzik Video: Koff Animation

Director: Gökhan Okur

Producer: Tuğçe Varlıca

Art Director: Alper Balkış

Illustration: Ayışığı Gülsel

Animation & Compositing: Doğukan Kuru
Copywriter: Tuğba Büyüker

Game Concept: Koff Animation
Game Developer: TD2TL 

Hidden Object Game (Turkish)

Hidden object game developed around music video. Feature little surprises and unexpected turns :)

Music: Nilipek.

Game Concept: Koff Animation

Game Development: TD2TL 

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