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Koff Animation presents
Shadow Warrior 3 - Fan Game Trailer

Koff Animations presents a fan game trailer: Shadow Warrior 3.

As some of the oldies of Koff, we used to play early FPS games an unhealthy amount. Doom, Blood, Duke Nukem, and of course Shadow Warrior. And now Flying Wild Hog and beloved Devolver Digital are rebooting the Shadow Warrior and modernising the hell out of it.


As an ever-evolving animation studio, we love to experiment with new ideas and create time to work on personal projects to keep our vision sharp. So we said, "Let's do a teaser-trailer challenge on Shadow Warrior"; a short video, limited time and assets. Go!

As providing creative animations to game developers, we approach the fan game trailer from the marketing needs of the game and the target audience. We defined the roadmap as:

  • Showing the new and updated version of Lo Wang's design in a 2D animation experience.

  • Underlining the distinction of Shadow Warrior from other FPS games with its glory kill mechanics.

  • Elaborating on the funny and witty personality of the main character Lo Wang.

  • Emphasising the unique locations and weapons in the game.

  • Referencing the old titles and history of the game.

  • Showing the violent but fun nature of the game in a fresh way.

  • Achieving all our objectives in 15 seconds.

During the gameplay as a first-person, we don't see the whole body action as we play. And one of the unique features of the Shadow Warrior 3 is having interesting melee combat and over the top power moves. So we put our camera to see the whole destroy action in full glory. We were able to communicate the witty personality of the main character and how a weapon works in the game.

We want to thank Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital for bringing the excitement and a great game.

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See you soon,

Koff Animation.




Agency: Koff Animation

Executive Creative Director: Gokhan Okur

Creative Director: Alper Balkış

Producer: Tuğçe Varlıca

Producer Asistant: Tuğba Büyüker

Script: Alper Balkış

Storyboard & Animatic: Doğukan Kuru

Visual Development & Illustration: Ezgi Arslan

Character Designer: Erim Çetinel

2D Animation: Erim Çetinel

Clean Up: Erim Çetinel, Doğukan Kuru, Ezgi Arslan

Compositing & Post Production: Alper Balkış

Music & Sound Design & Mix: Burak Çambel

Shadow Warrior 3 is copyrighted, we are fans having fun, thank you. 

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